Lindy Evans

Polymer Clay Sculptor


Each character has an original hand sculpted polymer clay face,  some have hands and feet.  The body is constructed around a wire armature.  Vintage quilts and wool are used in the clothing, and the Santas carry handmade toys. Each is mounted on a handmade wooden base, unless they are free standing.

Life Size Santas
From $5,000.00 to $6,000
Four Foot Santas
Free standing, with one of a kind polymer clay faces. This Santa is dressed in vintage quilt with fur and holds handmade items. Several styles are available. $3,000.00

24" Backwoods Santas

Leather boots, cloth gloved hands, vintage quilt. This wooly Santa is mounted on a 360 degree turn around base making it 27” tall.

Weighted base (no feet), cloth hands & a wool beard. $650.00

14 " Santas
Traditional American Santa
Dressed in velvet and fur, the Traditional American Santa has polymer clay hands and feet.  He wears  boots and a belt  from leather.  His beard is mohair and he stands 14” tall. $700.00
Backwoods Santa
Stands 14" tall. He is constructed with a weighted base (no feet),  mitten hands, and a vintage quilt coat. $400.00

10" - 12" Santas

Belznickel in Red, 12” tall. $200.00

Appalachian Santa, 11” tall,   $300.00

Jockey Santa, 10.5"  tall. $300.00

Traditional American Santa, 10.5” tall.

Belznickel  in Cream, 12” tall. $200.00

Backwoods Santa, 11” tall. $300.00

Bed Time Santa, 10.5" tall. $300.00

Workshop Santa, 10.5” tall. $300.00